Services Offered by ATO:

1. Offer donations to cancer units of specific hospitals with whom we have created connections.

2. Create a network of ATO clubs in the American school system including clubs in New Jersey and California.

3. Host competitions that inspire the next generation to create innovative methods of health awareness to the public.

Open Platform

Our active presence on social media, makes it easy for others to interact with us and help us on our mission.


We ensure every participant is well informed of the cause they are contributing to.


We have established a network consisting of medical personnel, government officials, educators, and of course students to help us make a difference.

Patient vs. Profit Campaign


ATO’s #PatientVsProfit Campaign is our way of making a difference in today’s healthcare industry. We feel as though many clinicians have lost sight of why they truly entered the healthcare field: to better the lives of their patients. By participating in our campaign you would be part of a greater movement to bring healthcare reform and shine a light on the shameful methods employed by companies seeking financial gain. Everyone knows that this problem exists, but many have been too hesitant to confront it. ATO is here to tackle such a overarching issue in medicine. 


To partake, all YOU have to do is send/post video statements completing the phrase “To put a patient first means…” as seen in the clips above. Such a contribution may seen minimal, yet it is a step towards making others realize the magnitude of the issue. You have a voice, let it be heard. There is power in numbers, not dollar signs.